Dr. Kannatassen Appavoo (Krishen)

Principal Investigator | Assistant Professor

Department of Physics, UAB

2013 - 2016 Goldhaber Fellow at Brookhaven National Laboratory. 

Research: Determining nanoscale size effects and heterostructuring  on the performance of energy materials. Includes developing novel in situ electrical and optical techniques for time-resolved studies of carrier dynamics (ps - us). [ Advisor: Matthew Y. Sfeir link ]

2008 - 2012 PhD at Vanderbilt University.

Thesis: "Hybrid Phase-Changing Nanostructures: From Reconfigurable Plasmonic Devices to Ultrafast Dynamics."  [ Advisor: Richard F. Haglund Jr. link ]

2004 - 2008 Bachelors in Physics and Mathematetics at Berea College (Magna cum Laude)

We are actively looking for motivated students to conduct a collaborative research at the intersection of nanoscience and advanced optics. For more information, contact Prof. Appavoo.